Came across the journal in my bookmarks while I was cleaning them. Been nearly four years since I've updated this :E


Rain did occur yesterday. I enjoyed it!
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Rain is expected later today and over the weekend here. I love rain. w00!
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It's January!

I noticed that I still have this LiveJournal...which I update once in a blue moon just to show the world that I'm still alive...ha.

I'm probably going to get going and post more often starting today.

Stay tuned!
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Yay Dreams

First dream: I had just gotten to school when the lockdown alarm came on. This school has been the subject of many dreams I’ve had in the past few days:
- I forget my backpack and go to get it, only for a massive lightning storm to begin
- I go into this computer class and hack into some system
- I propose to this girlfriend
- I follow a nurse into an elevator, and it goes up to the non-existent 300th floor where they somehow have an extravagant diner there
- The school floods
- I take a time machine to the past and see this school under construction
- I go into an earlier time of a class that I’m scheduled for in this dream-set, then take some sort of exam (it’s ridiculously easy, like ‘What is this girl (picture) feeling right now” and “What is the capital of Idaho”, although there are Latin words in there that I must translate. I think it’s the hardest test in the world, finish the exam, and come back to take it at its normal time. Then I wake up.

Anyway, in this dream, we went into the school because of the lockdown and went straight to the bowling alley. I look outside to see people walking, so I assume the lockdown is over (I couldn’t hear it in the bowling alley). I go out and go to my “normal dream” classes, and wake up.

The second dream was that I was in this seaside town. I had rented a hang glider. I climbed to the tallest point in town and jumped off, gliding through town. Suddenly, these giant missiles are shot at me. I quickly press this button on the hang glider, which acts like a save-state file. I try to evade the missiles, but fail and tumble to the ground. I push another button which reloads the world right before the missiles hit me. I try again and again, but I can’t completely evade them. In one reload, I do make it away, but they follow me everywhere, even into a group of civilians and into a cave. Finally, after that, I had an idea and hit reload again, and I finally evade the missiles in the right way. They start to follow me again, but this time I put my plan into action: I go out to the sea to try to make them dive in and malfunction. This fails, so then I enlist the help of two nearby hang gliders to break the wings off of these missiles (yes, I know, it makes no sense). With their help, the wings are broken off, and the missiles fall directly into a fleet of incoming Red Army airplanes (from the former Soviet Union). I then wake up.
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Another Dream

I just had another dream. I dreampt I was part of a local school video news group. I was paired with some other girl. Suddenly, the camera teleports to a wire hanging from my ear so we get a shot of the girl’s cheek up close. The girl picks the mini camera off and turns it around, so now the camera is pointing behind us to nothing in particular. Meanwhile, it’s a commercial, and this guy in the back is trying to figure out what to do with the camera on my ear. Meanwhile, another guy is throwing this red chair back and forth across the room. Rather than put it on a tripod, he is stupid and has me sitting in that red chair facing the news desk, so now the girl doesn’t have a partner. Suddenly, she pulls out a Nintendo Superscope and starts on a news story about cafeteria food. Finally, it’s over, and the stupid guy is banging his head on a desk because he made a stupid decision. The principal comes in and tells us what a good job we did, but before anything else happens, I wake up.

I also remember part of another dream. We were driving on a school bus when we see a massive thunder/raincloud heading directly for us. Suddenly, meteors and tons of dirt start falling on the bus. The bus driver doesn’t seem to know/care, because he’s forcing the kids off the bus and into the meteor shower. Finally, it’s my turn to get off, and I run back to my house, dodging meteors all the way.
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A Long Dream

I had a dream that I had my own apartment. I was waiting for someone to arrive, I think it was a girlfriend. Suddenly, I was Wile E. Coyote racing the Roadrunner in a desert scene. I somehow won, and then I came across a batch of people. Suddenly, the wind blew extremely hard, and a guy on a flying wheelchair flew around then landed and told us a story about a mansion. Suddenly, I appear in front of a mansion and am invited in by a weird rich-looking guy. He takes me to his underwater houses where I see tons of other people. They hook me up to this weird dream helmet and tell me that everything will be happy now. I take off the helmet and wander around. I overhear these three talking sharks saying they’re going to eat everyone once the poison the rich guy’s been injecting into the houses takes effect. I get scared and somehow end up inside an office complex that I think they called heaven. They said I was overcome by the poison. There’s a waiting room of maybe 10 people sitting in chairs that have cigarette packs with smoke coming out of them. I believe I was told that it wasn’t really cigarettes. Then, a guy who I assumed to be the boss (God?) came and told me that I was now living there. I could do anything I want: sleep, eat, run around a long track that was outside (that’s the part that really stuck to me). I’m thinking and telling everyone “What about all those other people who are still in that guy’s mansion? What about my family? I’d just mysteriously go missing”. So then I get a red house and there’s a woman already living there. We eat breakfast and a red monster appears and eats all the furniture in the house. I got fed up and kept going to the boss, being sent back, going to the boss, etc. In the dream I knew what I was going to him for, but as I’m typing this I don’t think it was really anything. Then, he eventually gives up and sends me back to Earth, inside the mansion. I sneak around and hear the boss guy talking about his plot. I go to escape and see the shark guys blocking the only exit. Around me are stairs leading downstairs; I was thinking in the dream that it’s a research area. I also see a bathroom. I jump in there and look at my watch, knowing in the dream that it has powers to transport to anywhere I want, as long as it was on the list in the watch. I pick my apartment and then I’m transported to somewhere outside, not my apartment. I make my way around, coming across this hotel in which my friend is staying. He invites me to go to the pool but I said I still have to warn people about that rich guy’s mansion. I begin to make my way back to the mansion, and that’s where the dream ends.
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A Dream!

I had a dream last night that I was in Biology class, when the fire alarm went off. In the course of the dream, we determined it was a malfunction. When I went to go to classes today (we live in a dorm), the big red security door, whose alarm only goes off if you leave it open too long, went off any time it was opened. When I got closer to Biology, I started hearing another alarm, this time the fire alarm. It was for the building next to Biology. When I got out of Biology 50 minutes later, the alarm was still going off. Neither of these have ever happened before.

So...what do you guys think? Coincidence, or something else...?
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